Serving God in Song!

                        Get to Know The Lord's Messengers!


Diane Tench and Mack Anderson met in the late 80's at a church they were attending. Soon afterwards they met Glenn Vining and after getting together and picking and singing gospel music, the three of them discovered that their harmony was rich and clean and blessed by the Lord. In a very short time they began going to different churches and singing together as one or other of them would be contacted.

      They sang without a name for a couple years. God began to stir in each of their hearts at the same time to carry the singing ministry a little farther by giving the group a name. They shared the same desire to serve the Lord with their talents and carry the message of the gospel in song and testimony wherever the door was opened...from that common desire to serve the Lord... "The Lord's Messengers" was officially formed and named in 1994. Since then, they have traveled hundreds of miles, sung in hundreds of churches and other venues and, at the present time, have released 10 Albums.

      Presently the group members are: Shaun Southerland - Lead guitar/mandolin/vocals; Diane Tench - Rhythm guitar/vocals; Mack Anderson - Bass/vocals; Carissa Southerland - vocals/Banjo /Dulcimer/Dojo; Jamie Thompson - Mandolin/guitar; and Ted Tench - Sound/ Bus Driver.

      The Lord's Messengers average singing about 100 times per year and will go wherever the Lord opens the door. After years of singing and traveling, the mission of The Lord's Messengers has never changed...their heartbeat is still to lift up the sweet name of Jesus Christ and spread His gospel in song and testimony. Exodus 15:2 says...the Lord is my strength and my song...!

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