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What's Happening With The Lord's Messengers.....

Congratulations to Carrissa and Shaun Southerland who were married on October 1, 2011!

Carrissa plays banjo, dojo and dulcimer with TLM.  Shaun, taking the place of Glenn Vining, is the newest member of the group and plays mandolin and guitar.  Both add considerable vocal talent to the group as well.  Be sure and visit the photo gallery and look at some of the pictures from their wedding.

 Now that Christmas 2011 is behind us, we are begining to get excited about getting back to picking and singing. Our goal for 2012 is to get back in the studio again and record. We have a lot of new material, some original and some that we have reworked to fit our style of music. The one most important thing that TLM has always been about is the messages in the songs. It is our desire from our hearts to lift up and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. We want to encourage and minister to everyone who hears us sing, whether it be live or recorded.

The ministry begins among us. It is believed and agreed upon by the group and their families that if we cannot minister to one another, we have no business trying to minister to anyone else. We sing and play, laugh and cry, worship and pray together almost on a daily basis. We pray for one another and we have a genuine love, compassion and respect for one another. What you see on stage is not a show, it's the way we live our lives.

 Papa Dennis Anderson used to say, "You need to be who you are and what you are 24 hours a day 7 days a week.."  He was so right.  There are too many folks out there who appear to be something other than what they really are.  Christianity is not a badge or a suit of clothes you put on once a week or whenever it's convenient.  It's a way of life for those who are true believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

God Bless You All in the coming year!!  We look forward to seeing you and meeting new friends at our singing events.  Thank you for your prayers and support.



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Our schedule for the year 2012 is shaping up to be another busy one!  Click on the Calendar above to see when TLM is performing in your area or contact them today to schedule The Lord's Messengers for your church or next special event.

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